Cookies and electronic analytics are explained in this policy.

Cookies are small files that websites place on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other device. They remember your site visit and preferences, and enable additional site features. Cookies may customize the information or ads you see on the site and other websites. Many websites use cookies, and most internet browsers automatically accept them. We provide this information to help site visitors understand different cookie types and our usage.


We use cookies on the website to gather visitor usage data and standard analytics, aiming to improve site performance and user experience.

Cookies help track items in your shopping cart and facilitate payments. We also utilize them to understand customer purchase patterns, measure advertising campaign success, and gauge product and service selection preferences.

Apart from site-managed cookies and those by our service providers, some are set by other companies within larger advertising networks. These cookies help track product/service purchases and limit repeated ad exposure.

However, none of these cookies collect personal information like names or email addresses. All data collected through cookies is aggregated or anonymous.


If desired, you can disable cookies and delete stored ones on your computer repeatedly.

To learn how to do this for your browser, check the "Help" section in its menu.

Note that disabling cookies may limit your UWALLS website experience, as some or all areas may not function properly.

Certain cookies on our website are essential for specific features to operate. Disabling them may affect our ability to provide requested services.


Voluntarily provided information, such as joining a mailing list, is collected with your permission.

Most data collected when purchasing goods is necessary for contract fulfillment.

The remainder serves our legitimate business interests, including:

  • Maintaining communication with clients
  • Understanding customer interactions to deliver relevant products/services
  • Monitoring website usage and enhancing features
  • Identifying potential criminal activity
  • Managing our supply chain and supplier relationships
  • Protecting our rights